The modern culture of our society has become the by-product of extensive data research, experimentation, and clever marketing techniques that are used to make us believe that we need something to fix a problem that we did not even know we had! Products are built to last just long enough for us to be satisfied with their lifespan and make us willing to replace as needed. And, rather than make products that can be easily fixed, most are intentionally made so that it is far less expensive to replace the item than repair it. Additionally, brand recognition, product placement, colors, fragrance, and lighting, tempt our senses and keep us buying. There is a reason that brands are placed at different eye levels based on the target consumer, from the very young to the very old. And, unless you are living an off-grid lifestyle, far away from society, there is no escape from the temptations we are exposed to thousands of times every day via paper, print, digital, audio, and televised ads that are all around us. Although we may be numb to those advertisements on the surface, we routinely succumb to the temptations, which are deeply rooted in our lives.

Our clothing is branded, radio jingles make us hunger for that candy, burger, pizza, or beverage. Stores are intentionally set up to increase our buying from the moment we walk in until we check out at the register. Even if we use DVR’s to avoid televised commercials, every show and film is filled with an abundance of product placement. And the more popular the show, the more blatant the advertising. We have become a society that is so commercialized, we look forward to being sold to during the Super Bowl, enjoy shows

And, Green Choice Matters is no exception. Without the carefully chosen ads and links that help to educate as well as monetize this site, we would be unable to bring you the content that we expect you to find helpful to making greener choices that ultimately contribute the improvement life, our environment, and maybe even save you time and money! Our goal is to promote and share information, products, and resources that are a direct reflection of our core mission and values that lead to a cleaner, greener, sustainable lifestyle, and world.  The point is ... our choices matter. And, Green Choice Matters goals is to provide you with ongoing tools and resources that together, we can be eco-friendly on a budget without sacrificing our way of life,  the things that matter most to us, and of course, our environment.

Thank you for joining us on the Green Choice Matters journey.

Thank you for visiting Green Choice Matters. We appreciate your desire to make greener choices that may result in reducing your carbon footprint, improve the environment, save you time and money, increase Climate Change awareness, and potentially improve your overall health, happiness, and wellness.

The everyday consumer choices we make impact the world in more ways than most of us can even begin to imagine.  We do not usually take the time to consider where our products come from, who picked or manufactured it, how it came from across the street or the globe to get on a store shelf. Few of us think about the world outside of the immediate environment of where we live and work.  But who can blame us? After all, most of us lead busy and complicated lives. We are short on time, energy, and resources, so we make snap decisions based on what we know and feel we can immediately afford. What we do not realize is that we are trained from our earliest life experiences to think, feel, behave, and even shop in a specific way. We have become accustomed to lifestyles, thought processes, and consumer habits down to the brands we prefer that remain continually reinforced through advertisements and promotions that make us feel like we must have this or that to live a fulfilled and happy life. And to challenge our norms and change our ways can be stressful, at least at first. We hope to alleviate some of those stresses and challenges by providing you with the tools and resources you need to make educated choices.

about marketing, and even pay to see movies such as The Greatest Movie Ever Sold … an interesting eye-opener about marketing and consumerism by writer and director, Morgan Spurlock, whose documentary in and of itself is nothing more than an advertisement.

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