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Hi, my name is Oana Muresan!  As a passionate writer and a believer of all things natural, it was only normal for me to combine my two loves into something truly great. I've been writing for most of my life, but only found my passion for living green in the last five years.  My family always lived pretty 'green and clean' growing up, but I never realized how much it could actually change my life if I implemented that mentality into everything in my life.

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After my son was born, an eco-friendly life seemed even more important. Not only for the health of my son but also for his future. I started to realize just how much could be changed in my home and life and I began to make small changes. From switching to bamboo toothbrushes to avoiding foods with MSG to using organic bed sheets to researching the differences between plant-based and vegan diets, I started doing it all. But I kept coming back again and again to foods and all of the benefits they could bring to our bodies. I was amazed over and over again at the power that plants and foods and herbs could have.

Now, I have made it a mission of mine to share my research, my knowledge, and my pure amazement with other readers and those that are debating making the switch to living more natural and healthy.  I hope to convince you that using herbs, plants, and foods to balance your health and your life can be just as effective as other conventional remedies. I look forward to imparting my knowledge and everything I learn in the coming months to everyone here.