The Green Choice Matters Mission is to increase awareness about environmental issues while making it easy for consumers to find eco-friendly products, services, and resources that enhance their lives while reducing their individual/family carbon footprint; ultimately contributing to a cleaner, greener world that future generations will be proud to inherit.

The Green Choice Matters Vision is to empower others to become Green Living Partners that use and share their knowledge of sustainable and regenerative practices for an overall healthier world.

Green Choice Matters Values honesty, integrity, global sustainability, social responsibility, and biodiversity.

Green Choice Matters Believes in the power of knowledge, fact-based science, and renewable/regenerative practices, and the importance of being Stewards of the Earth.

The Green Choice Matters Promise is to provide quality information, products, and resources that reflect our mission and vision based on our values and beliefs.

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Hi, Friends! My name is Tracy Peterson, Founder and Lead Blogger of Green Choice Matters. Just a bit about me, I identify myself as an Environmentalist, Deep Ecologist, Liberal, and Global Citizen. I am married to my best friend, Ted, and I am a mom to four amazing adult sons (my second born is non-verbal with Autism).  I am blessed to be able to work from home as a Reader, Writer, and Recruiter, but I also occasionally drive for Uber and Lyft which allows me extra ability to meet people from literally all over the world and gain greater perspectives regarding an abundance of local and global issues.  I advocate for human, woman’s, animal, and environmental rights. And, I also openly share that I am also a Survivor of Domestic Violence from former relationships.  Honesty and integrity are two of my deepest core values. All this said I might sometimes come off strongly based on my life, politics, and educational experiences.


Environmental Justice and Green Choices in all forms matter, but it is vital to me that my true self shines through. Always. I hope you will find and appreciate all that I have to give and share with you as time goes on.   Our environment is not only the world around us, but the immediate world that shapes us. Our families, relationships, experiences, and life circumstances play a direct role in how we see the world and the decisions that we make. Like many, I am a person with many layers. To maintain authencity, and be true to self, I will often write about issues and experiences outside of direct environmental topics such as climate change and consumer choices. Some of this subject matter may be difficult for some readers while other subject matter may bring you laughter, joy, or at the very least some sort of relatability. The great news is the choice is yours to read what you want and to ignore the rest. But no matter what I write, it will always tie back to making a green choice.



Al Gore - Former Vice President, Environmental Activist, & Author of An Inconvenient Truth and An Inconvenient Sequel.

Rachel Carson - Biologist, Environmentalist & Author of Silent Spring, The Sense of Wonder, and The Sea Around Us.

John Muir - Naturalist, Inventor, & Author of The Story of My Boyhood and Youth, Wilderness Essays, and The Writings of John Muir

My formal education is a B.A. in Environmental Studies, but I am also an informal Lifelong Learner with a passion for recycling, renewable energy, and doing my part of being a Steward of the Earth.  My sons have often referred to me as a “hippie,” but that was not a term I personally identified with, at least not initially.  As I am sure you can relate, life circumstances did not always allow me the opportunity to outwardly express all my inner desires or to achieve all my personal goals.  


The Defenders of Wildlife

The National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA)

The Sierra Club.

In fact, Green Choice Matters was a dream that began with nothing more than a name, website, and a logo back in 2015.  Juggling an extra full life plate, I had made up my mind that I would begin blogging my environmental journey when we moved to Tennessee in 2017, but once again, life temporarily got in the way.

Today, we are settled in, and I am excited to share my formal environmental knowledge and green living journey with you.  Over time, I plan to share two different blog types … fact-based on my education and ongoing research and opinion-based on my personal experiences.