Hi, Friend! My name is Tracy Peterson, founder of Green Choice Matters. I identify myself as an environmentalist, deep ecologist, nature lover, and green-living blogger (my family often refers to me as the "Hippie") and I would like to personally say thank you for your interest in Green Choice Matters. I hold a BA in Environmental Studies from Ashford University and am currently earning my MS in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at Northcentral University. My long-term goal is to obtain my doctorate in Environmental Psychology and to do my part as a global citizen to educate and guide consumers and organizations towards environmentally friendly practices for long-term global sustainability.

I am a firm believer that knowledge is power and the importance of critical thinking. In my writing, I will provide the materials that helped me come to my conclusions so that you have the opportunity, as the reader, to do the same. I encourage you to not just take my word for it - but to do your due diligence! It's not that I want you to have to do "homework," but to enjoy your environmental journey as you explore new information and ideas and maybe even join the paradigm shift known as the "green movement."

A bit more about me ...


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Like many today, I wear many "hats." In addition to being an on-going learner, I have an unbelievably patient and encouraging husband (Ted) who supports all my crazy ideas and ventures. I am a mother of four adult sons, one of which is non-verbal with autism (Tim), and I am blessed to be able to secure incredible opportunities through the concept of a shared economy and independent contracting. I enjoy working remotely as a recruiter, blogger, Air BnB host, and affiliate marketer. Most of what I do is from the comfort of my home. However, I also love meeting people from all walks of life as an occasional rideshare driver. All these things allow me the freedom to earn, explore, and grow as a person and professional.

My favorite activities are hiking, camping, and reading non-fiction. I believe in the importance of composting, water capture, and this year I will be attempting organic gardening!  Finally, I am all about the concepts of reducing, reusing, repurposing, and recycling to the point I drive Ted crazy. However, this has become a significant challenge as we relocated to a rural area without a recycling program, leading to my consumer consciousness and creativity continually expanding.

I will never claim to have all the answers, but I will objectively (and passionately) share my viewpoints on many issues that impact our environment while providing you with the resources that helped me to come to my conclusions, when available and applicable.  Additionally, I will often share my thoughts about various products and services that I have found along the way that I feel are helping me to achieve my carbon-reducing, green-living goals.

Green Choice Matters is and will always be a reflection that I am pro-renewable energy, eco-friendly products, support Certified Benefit Corporations ("B" Corps), and love helping others “go green.”  I also acknowledge that I am a human being, automatically making me an imperfect consumer.  Because our individual consumer choices do matter in the big scheme, my goal is to create a cleaner and greener world one blog at a time.

All this said; I look forward to connecting with you in even a small way and thank you for your interest in Green Choice Matters. ~ Tracy Peterson

Email me at:  Tracy@Greenchoicematters.com   

Greatest Influencers

Al Gore for his dedication to creating climate change awareness.  Check out An Inconvenient Truth &  An Inconvenient Sequel

John Muir for his connection to nature. Check out Essential Muir: A Selection of John Muir's Best Writings

Rachel Carlson for her insights that led to the environmental movement. Check out Silent Spring


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